Tech Made Simple: Building the Perfect Website for Your Small Business August 31, 2011

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Creating the perfect website may appear to be a daunting challenge, but this workshop will offer the wisdom you need to take your small business online with pride. Designing and publishing a website that illustrates your brand, your products and services, and offers visitors fresh, beneficial information typically captures business success.

This workshop describes, in detail, how to bring a business to the web in a timely, cost effective manner. The “mysteries” that sometimes surround the creation and publishing of an effective website will disappear before your eyes. While workshop participants may not want to start a new career as a website designer, they will understand all the basics of creating a successful website to help their business succeed and achieve.

With several helpful how-to guides and the ability to select a SCORE mentor to offer expertise and advice, workshop participants should enjoy an enlarged presence in their market and capture knowledge about how to open new markets, never before available to them.

Building the Perfect Website for Your Small Business is one of five Tech Made Simple workshops, each focusing on a a different way that technology can help grow your small business.

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