In this podcast, Ramon Ray talks with SCORE client Maria Messier, the creator of the Extendher, a clip-on jacket extender and babywearing cover all in one.

As a mother of four, Messier thought there had to be a product that could extend a pregnant women’s jacket so she wouldn’t have to buy a costly maternity coat. When she couldn’t find such a product, she worked with her aunt, a New York designer, to create the Extendher. This product not only extends a regular jacket to allow for a growing baby bump, but when the baby is born, the product can be inverted and used as a babywearing cover.

Messier urges other entrepreneurs to do their homework and make sure that there is actually a need for their product. She also recommends to be willing to take advice from more experienced people, like SCORE mentors. Her SCORE mentors were a great sounding board, cared about her and her product, and offered her an outsider’s perspective that was essential to her business’ growth and success.


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Podcast: Maria Messier, Creator of Extendher