Charlynda Nyenke, Owner / President, Mutt's Sauce, LLCCharlynda Nyenke is the owner and President of Mutt’s Sauce, LLC, a condiment sauce that replaces, ketchup, mustard, A-1 sauce and any other flavored condiment sauce.

Mutt’s Sauce is a product originally developed by Charlie “Mutt” Ferrell in 1956 in Carthage, Tennessee.  The product was produced and sold in that area.  Upon the death of Mr. Ferrell in 2005, production stopped as the recipe was lost.  Eight years later, his surviving family learned that he had passed the recipe to Charlynda “Charlly” Nyenke who is the first granddaughter of Mr. Ferrell.

Charlynda decided to carry on the legacy of her grandfather and the sauce.  Charlynda came to SCORE on July 26, 2013, met with John Soutar, and outlined her project.  She wanted to produce the product in the Dayton area, and market it  in  Dayton, Tennessee and South  Carolina.

 A Business Plan was developed, funding reviewed and on August 20, 2013, John introduced Charly to another SCORE client who recently started a Salsa business.

Charlynda was given a step-by-step process from product analysis and certification, to locating a co-packer who packaged the product in jars with the Mutt’s Sauce label.  

How SCORE helped. 

SCORE’s  John Soutar was in constant contact with Charlynda regarding pricing, distribution and marketing.  The first order of 456 jars was produced in November,2013, and as of the 12/11/2013 introduction, most of the original 456 jars were sold. Product was distributed in South Carolina and Tennessee,  and sold in the Dayton area and on the web.  A second order for 800 jars was place and the most recent order was for 1,000 jars as Charlee has lined up stores and markets in the Dayton area, along with distributers.

The relationship is ongoing as new opportunities have opened up and other SCORE mentors with specialized experience are supporting Charlynda and Mutt’s Sauce.

Mutt's Sauce, LLC